Senin, 07 Juni 2010

Heyoo, Yuw Wanth?

Yuw Wanth?
Heyoo Tell mii anth i'll givh yuw!!

Heyooo everiione
Let's mii injrodyuz miiself.

Ai yem [ Mr.Chocoqii ]

a nuuborn chocoleith qharacter meidh by my lovvly illustrator,
she's beibikitjhi

Well, i wanth to tell yuw dat aiyem yunique
i hevv an accent.

yuw likeez?


Hihi. yeah, my newborn character with his unique style of speech. [Mr.Chocoqii]
is learning how to speak english fluently.
He's came from a place called "Chocolandville" ,
where there are so many kinds of chocolates
and of course.. they're sweet and lovely.

He has brown skin, as brown as a pure chocolate
Although he can speak clearly, he has a really nice heart.
He loves to be loved and always shares his love to everyone in this world.

"Let's Shares Our Loves to Everyone!
Yuw Wanth?"

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