Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

Self update :)

Hello world.. :) It's been long time i didnt update this blog :)
It's the 3rd week of Feb wow.. Waktu cepet banget jalannya, padahal kayanya baru kemaren taon baruan, 2011.. Tau2 udah mo Maret ajaaa.. hihi And here is it some updates of myself :D

2 weeks ago i went to Medika Lab, to check up
(10 ml darahku diambil dengan jarum suntik yang cukup gedeee... wkwkw)
and i'm quite shocked when i found out the result at the same day
It's abnormal, so i googling it on the internet
(Istilahnya agak-agak mengerikan - ga pernah denger - dan kadarnya cukup tinggi diatas angka normal) So many articles talks bout it ~ feel so scary but i realize tat i should eat more vegetables + fruitsss
and of course, i should drink more water to fix it :D

Maybe next 1 month i'll get my blood being checked again T_T


Yesterday i go to the optic and order a new glasses for myself.
I don't know what kind of glasses that suits for me
hm, i don't have any choices..
*ga ada yang bener-bener sreg sih*

So, gilbert help choose one for me,
(fortunately he was there so i can asked his opinion...)

knp model kacamata skrg berbingkai tebal smua sih? Hiks
but demi mata gw yang bisa melihat dengan lebih baik, ya terpaksa deh ^^
btww lagi, kirain minus gw nambah -secara ni mata makin lama makin burem
taunyaaa masih stabil kaya SMA dulu.

Masing-masing minus 0.5
Thanks god... pdhl udah worry ajaaa...
Finally we got the date and now - we are on preparation
So many things to be prepared.. :D
but it's
Once in a lifetime :)
we should enjoy it, right?

Today's Quote for Myself :
"Life is beautiful, just enjoy your journey and always think positive :)"