Selasa, 13 April 2010

Beautiful Fashion Eyelashes

Wow, i found so many beautiful fashion eyelashes
when i was browsing 'eyelashes' on internet this morning.
I think Fashion eyelashes could totally creating a really dramatical,
wonderful and amazing looks..

Maybe it's only nice to use it
for a photo-shoot make up
Yeah, it's beautiful if supported with great make up and right places.

But, don't mind..
these fashion eyelashes are truly worth to see,
love it :)
Align Left

Wanna try? ;)

Recommended Eyelashes

Yeahhh it's my Recommended Brand for Eyelashes
for a natural look & bigger eyes

i love it so much!
(especially the right one from the picture)

About the price, maybe it's quite expensive
(99,000 IDR
but you can use it several times and really easy to use it.

Just put the special glue (for eyelashes) on it and....

You'll look totally different. haha...

*kok jadi promosi gini ya? :p

Selasa, 06 April 2010

New illustration project..


Adobe illustrator

This illustration were made for friends at my current workplace,
especially made as farewell gift for 1 of us
( - she's not work here anymore.. )

So it's the picture of us, with our own characters :)

hope u like it guys...