Senin, 06 Juli 2009

My Keyboard ~ The series of Food

It's the new looks of my Keyboard in the office
It's really cute, rite? :P

Bought the sticker with Karin n Fiona last saturday
And we decided to have one.. haha...
(How are you girls, Have u stick them in your keyboard? :D )

It's really fun to see the cute image,
and mine is the series of food..
Can wait to stick the series of bus & vehicles
for my PC @home :)

Sabtu, 04 Juli 2009

My Piano's Playing

A really lovely song from Jay Chou
So sad and mellow
but i really like to play the song in piano
Beautifullll.... :)

btw.. i tell you...

It's my first piano playing published in my blog.. haha..
I'm sorry, the video was set in night mode.. so the motion really blurr.. :))
Just enjoy the sound.. haha ^^
hope u like it

now i really want to learn Adobe Premieree... hmmm.......